Welcome aboard for an unforgettable adventure with Zambia Safari Tours!, where the untamed landscapes of Zambia await your exploration. Nestled in the heart of Southern Africa, Zambia offers a tapestry of awe-inspiring terrains, abundant wildlife, and rich cultural experiences. From the thundering Victoria Falls to the serene South Luangwa National Park, every moment spent here is a story waiting to be told.

With operation offices based in Livingstone, Zambia (Victoria Falls); we plan and operate the best Zambia safari tours independently because we are based on the ground. That means there are no middlemen, which gives us the ability to offer the best Zambia safari prices.

Why Choose Zambia for Your Safari Adventure?

Diverse Landscapes: Zambia hosts a plethora of ecosystems, ranging from lush wetlands to vast savannahs. Each terrain offers a unique safari experience and a chance to encounter different wildlife species in their natural habitats.

Rich Wildlife: Home to the Big Five and a myriad of other species, Zambia provides unrivaled wildlife-watching opportunities. Witness the Great Wildebeest Migration, spot elusive leopards, and marvel at the grace of elephants roaming free.

Cultural Heritage: Experience the warmth and hospitality of the Zambian people. Immerse yourself in local traditions, taste authentic cuisine, and learn about Zambia’s historical significance in Africa’s story.

Sustainable Tourism: Committed to conservation, Zambia promotes eco-friendly practices across its national parks and reserves. Your safari tour contributes to the preservation of Zambia’s natural treasures for future generations.

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Expert Guides

Our knowledgeable and experienced guides are passionate about sharing the wonders of Zambia with you. They ensure your safety and enjoyment throughout the journey, providing fascinating insights into the local flora, fauna, and traditions. Their expertise and dedication guarantee a memorable and enriching safari experience, enhancing the overall value of your adventure.

Value for Money

At Zambia Safari Tours, we are committed to providing exceptional safari experiences that offer true value for money. We carefully select accommodations, activities, and destinations to ensure you receive high-quality service, unforgettable experiences, and the best possible prices. Our transparent pricing and customizable packages mean you can create the safari of your dreams within your budget, ensuring every adventure is as affordable as it is unforgettable.

Customized Itineraries

Tailored to your preferences, our safari packages offer a variety of activities and accommodations. Whether you prefer luxury lodges or camping under the stars, we have something for everyone. Every itinerary is meticulously crafted to ensure you experience the best of Zambia’s natural beauty and cultural richness, delivering unparalleled value for money.

Discover Zambia’s Top Safari Destinations

Victoria Falls

Marvel at one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World as the mighty Zambezi River plunges into a breathtaking chasm, creating the largest sheet of falling water globally. Victoria Falls is definitely one of the bucket list destinations for most globe trotters around the world.

Explore the surrounding rainforest, enjoy a misty sunrise, embark on a thrilling white-water rafting adventure, and take a scenic helicopter flight for a bird’s-eye view of the falls. Don’t miss the adrenaline-fueled bungee jump from the Victoria Falls Bridge!

Spot diverse birdlife, playful vervet monkeys, and the elusive clawless otter. The nearby Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park is home to white rhinos, giraffes, zebras, and a variety of antelope species.

South Luangwa National Park

Known as the birthplace of the walking safari, South Luangwa National Park offers an unspoiled wilderness experience, with rugged terrains, meandering rivers, and abundant wildlife.

Venture on guided walking safaris, experience night drives to spot nocturnal creatures, and visit local villages to immerse in the rich culture of the Valley Bisa people.

Witness a high concentration of leopards, herds of elephants and buffalos, numerous hippos and crocodiles in the Luangwa River, and over 400 species of birds, including the striking carmine bee-eater.

Lower Zambezi National Park

Framed by the escarpment of the Zambezi Valley and the Zambezi River, Lower Zambezi National Park offers a tranquil and intimate safari experience with spectacular landscapes and diverse ecosystems.

Canoe along the Zambezi River amidst hippos and crocodiles, try your luck fishing for the famed Tiger Fish, explore the floodplains on a game drive, and relish bush dinners under the African stars.

Encounter large herds of elephants along the riverbanks, spot lions and leopards lurking in the shadows, and observe a plethora of bird species, such as the African fish eagle, Lilian’s lovebird, and white-fronted bee-eater.

Kafue National Park

As Zambia’s largest and oldest national park, Kafue boasts a mosaic of landscapes from vast plains and dense woodlands to lush swamps and the meandering Kafue River.

Explore the diverse terrains on game drives and boat safaris, discover the birdwatcher’s paradise at Busanga Swamps, and visit the Kafue River Cliff for stunning views of the river and surrounding areas.

Home to a wide variety of wildlife, Kafue is renowned for its prides of lions, elusive leopards, rare wild dogs, and abundant antelope species. The park hosts over 490 bird species, making it a haven for birdwatchers.

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Unleash your wild side and venture into the heart of Africa with Zambia Safari Tours! Our expertly crafted safari packages, experienced guides, and commitment to sustainability make us your ideal travel partner. Contact us today to start planning your dream safari adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Ready to explore the untamed beauty of Zambia? Get in touch with our safari experts today and let us craft the perfect itinerary for your African adventure!

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What is the best time for visiting Zambia for safari tours?

The best time to embark on a safari in Zambia is during the dry season, which spans from May to October.

During these months, the weather is predominantly dry and cooler, providing excellent game-viewing opportunities as animals gather around the limited water sources. Vegetation is less dense, making wildlife easier to spot and photograph.

While this period offers optimal wildlife viewing, it is also the high tourist season, so we recommend booking well in advance in order to secure accommodations and tours.

For those looking to avoid the crowds, the shoulder months of May and November still offer relatively good wildlife sightings but with fewer tourists. Keep in mind, however, that the wet season from November to April brings lush landscapes and vibrant birdlife, but some areas may be inaccessible due to heavy rains.

Please contact our experts for free safari planning advice and tour customization.

How much does a safari cost in Zambia?

The cost of safari tours in Zambia can vary widely depending on factors such as the length of the tour, the level of accommodation, and the specific parks and reserves visited.

On average, Zambia safari tours cost anywhere from $300 to $1,500 per person per night for an amazing safari experience in Zambia.

Budget-friendly options are available, particularly in the form of group tours and camping safaris, but luxury lodges and exclusive experiences can attract higher price points.

Additional costs may include international and domestic flights, travel insurance, and optional activities such as balloon safaris or walking safaris.
You can always ask our Zambia safari specialists what’s included /not included in your package and inquire about any additional fees. You can also consider traveling during the shoulder seasons for potentially lower rates. Keep in mind that prices can fluctuate based on availability, exchange rates, and time of travel, so it’s advisable to book in advance and consult with our safari experts for the most accurate pricing information.

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