Welcome to Victoria Falls! Embark on a captivating adventure with our exclusive 3-day Victoria Falls Tour, Zambia package, meticulously designed for those venturing to this iconic destination for the first time. This thoughtfully curated itinerary invites you to immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of Livingstone and witness the extraordinary wonders that Victoria Falls holds within its embrace. Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience as you uncover the secrets of the Smoke that Thunders.

Begin your journey with a guided tour of Victoria Falls, where the sheer magnitude and natural splendor of this majestic waterfall will leave you in awe. Delve into the heart of this UNESCO World Heritage site, discovering the intricacies of its geological formation and feeling the exhilarating mist on your face as you stand in the presence of one of nature’s most extraordinary creations.

3-day Victoria Falls and Zambezi River Cruise

Extend your exploration to the Zambezi River, a lifeline that weaves through the heart of this region. Step aboard the African Queen or African Princess for a leisurely cruise up the Zambezi. Let the gentle current carry you along as you bask in the breathtaking scenery, where lush landscapes meet the meandering river. Indulge in the pleasure of sipping refreshing sundowners, immersing yourself in the tranquility of the moment. The haunting cry of a fish eagle overhead serves as a backdrop to the spectacle of the sun gracefully sinking below the horizon, painting the sky with hues of gold and crimson. This 3-day Victoria Falls Tour can easily be included in a longer Zambia safari tour if you have many days to spend in Zambia.

This carefully crafted package not only allows you to witness the sheer power of Victoria Falls but also invites you to partake in the serene beauty of the Zambezi River. It is an opportunity to connect with nature on a profound level, where each moment is a testament to the untamed splendor of this African gem. Immerse yourself in the magic of the Smoke that Thunders, where every day promises new revelations and unforgettable experiences. Our Explore Victoria Falls, Zambia package ensures that even within a brief visit, you capture the essence of Livingstone and create memories that linger long after you bid farewell to this extraordinary destination.

Day 1:        Arrival in Livingstone, Zambia

Upon your arrival at Livingstone Airport on the Zambian side of the falls, a Safari Desire representative will be there to greet you and facilitate your transfer to the hotel. (Please note that flights from Johannesburg/Cape Town/elsewhere are not included but can be arranged upon request).

Once you’ve checked in and refreshed yourself, our local guide will accompany you on your initial guided tour of the falls. This introductory tour aims to acquaint you with the local surroundings and geographical layout.

Your accommodation in Livingstone will be at the esteemed Royal Livingstone Lodge, a premier 5-star hotel located on the banks of the Zambezi River, just above the falls. The hotel provides splendid views of the islands in the river, with the added delight of observing elephants and hippos swimming to and from the islands. The walkways on the Zambia side offer several viewpoints showcasing the far eastern end of Victoria Falls, including panoramic views and frontal perspectives of the cataract across the Knife Edge Bridge.

Day 2:     Experience the Magnificence of Victoria Falls (Zambian Side)

Consider taking a stroll to the falls before breakfast, as the different lighting conditions throughout the day unveil varying aspects of their splendor. The renowned falls rainbow transforms with the changing angles of the sun, creating a captivating and ever-evolving spectacle, especially in the morning mist when backlit.

Today, we recommend indulging in a white-water rafting expedition (optional extra) in the Batoka Gorge beneath the towering walls below the falls. Alternatively, you may opt for other activities such as visiting the Elephant Sanctuary, taking a helicopter flight over the falls, exploring Livingstone Island, or visiting the Devil’s Pool (seasonal). In the evening, partake in the enchanting Zambezi River sunset cruise, the “Captain’s Cabin” (included), offering views of islands in the river and along the shore. Keep an eye out for elephants and hippos gracefully navigating the water, and enjoy selected drinks along with light snacks and canapés.

Day 3: Final Morning at Victoria Falls (Zambian Side)

Start your day with a leisurely breakfast, followed by a final walk to the falls before meeting your driver in the lobby area of the Royal Livingstone Hotel at 11:00 am (or earlier upon request) for your transfer back to the airport. It’s worth noting that children are welcome on this tour, and for a customized quote including your children, please reach out to us, specifying their ages in your inquiry.

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